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The Water Wise Program was initiated in early 2010 as a joint effort of the Bentwater Civic Association, the Property Owners Association and MUD 18 to encourage Bentwater residents to conserve water. Eight (8) homeowners were selected as “pilots” to demonstrate simple, inexpensive ways to save water. Follow the experiences of the pilots, and their progress in finding ways to reduce the water they use, by reading Updates.

The pilot homes are developing a good picture of how homeowners use water. About 65% of the water we use in Bentwater goes to irrigate our landscape, and it can be as high as 80% in the summer months. Aside from irrigation, all other household water use is about 35% of the total water we use, or roughly 4-5,000 gallons each month. You can view how the pilots have been using water inside the home ( Pilot Trends - Household ) and gain some good ideas on reducing the water you use inside the home by going to Conservation Tips – Indoors.

Our pilots were given a target of watering their landscape no more than 1 inch of water per week and several have achieved or surpassed that level while maintaining a healthy landscape. The trends and costs ( in overuse of water ) of our pilots in their pursuit of minimizing irrigation are shown in Pilot Trends - Irrigation It looks like there may be an opportunity to reduce Bentwater’s annual consumption of water by as much as 25% if we can simply stop overwatering our landscape. Go to Conservation Tips – Outdoors to learn about some practical ideas on how to
maintain a healthy landscape while at the same time reducing the irrigation.
Getting to the recommended level of irrigation is as easy as turning the dial on your sprinkler controller, but we seem to struggle to make it happen. The pilot homes have discovered that the first and most important step to getting control of their irrigation is knowing how much water your sprinklers are delivering. Once you know this, you can set your sprinkler controller to deliver 1 inch of water per week, and in all likelihood begin to see a significant reduction in your water consumption. You can use the Irrigation Calculator to determine how much water you need for your yard and how to set up your sprinkler system. If you need help, contact us at bca@bentwatercivic.com